Utopia Skye - Terms of Service (TOS)

By logging into the grid or website you agree to be bound by these terms of service. 

Our Terms of Service strive to be simple and understandable, for people, not lawyers.

  1. You are responsible for your own actions if they break any laws, YOU are responsible, not Utopia Skye Grid.

  2. Any and all original content you create is YOURS, you retain full rights to it, but by creating/distributing it on the grid you grant Utopia Skye Grid and it's agents a full unlimited, non-expiring license to use the products for promotional means. 

  3. By Distributing any items that you create to another avatar either local or Hypergrid, you understand that these items will exist long after you have moved on, they will contain your Avatar Name and ID to maintain creator rights.

  4. The monetary system used is, Gloebits, and handled by Gloebits, in such cases where it is enabled. All disputes and transaction issues are to be handled by Gloebits and the party with the issue.

  5. Respect, this is a requirement, you must respect other users. You do not have to agree with other users, but you must act in a respectful way.

  6. Your Region, your rules. If you pay to rent a region on Utopia Skye Grid, you make your own rules as long as they don't violate anything in this TOS.

  7. Utopia Skye Grid management and it's agents have final say, period, no discussion.

  8. Utopia Skye Grid management, will do it's best to maintain the grid, backup and protect your data, but "stuff happens", you must accept the fact that sometimes a failure is catastrophic.

  9. If you owe us money/Gloebits for any services offered, you OWE us, just pay or don't pay and accept the consequences.

  10. Non Payment for services will result in termination of said services WITHIN 7 days of payment due date! NO EXCEPTIONS!

  11. If there is any "trade" of service for service, both parties are expected to uphold the written or "handshake" agreement or the implied contract is void.

  12. NO ONE under the age of 18 is allowed to have an account on this grid. Period, NO EXCEPTIONS. NO EXCUSES. If you are on this grid by falsifying your age, it is your responsibility and YOUR PARENTS.

  13. Child avatars are allowed on the Utopia Skye Grid but in no case will they be permitted on regions labelled as adult.  Violation of this term is cause for termination of your account.  

  14. With registration on this grid each resident declares that no illegal objects and/or textures will be offered on regions hosted by Utopia Skye Grid. The use of so-called Copybot viewers is prohibited. Utopia Skye LLC. takes copyright infringement seriously.  We have a well defined DMCA process and repeat offenders risk being banned and/or losing their account.  Utopia Skye is registerered with the U.S. Copyright Office which provides Safe Harbour protection for registered entities.  For more information on the DMCA process please see our DMCA policy statement.

  15. Content that advocates or glorifies violence and pornographic RL photos and images as textures or otherwise are not permitted on any region on this grid. Circulation and dissemination of links to relevant websites containing above content is forbidden.

  16. IF an incident arises that is not specifically spelled out in this document, then management has the final say. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  17. IF there is a portion of this TOS that is not covered by your local laws, then the nearest applicable law, in favor of Utopia Skye LLC applies.

  18. Grid agreements, and services are free to change or be terminated at any given time or due to uncontrollable reasons. (see line 8).  In particular we may from time to time amend or changes the policies in this terms of service (TOS) agreement.

  19. Using exploits known or unknown or any other type code/scripting to circumvent grid security will result in IMMEDIATE termination of all of your services, and possible legal action.

  20. Any "hacking", or misuse of network/server resources will result in IMMEDIATE termination of all of your services, and possible legal action.

  21. If it is illegal where your physical butt is, it is illegal on this grid, you accept that fact, all local applicable laws apply

  22. Just because it is legal where your physical butt is sitting does not make it legal on this grid, all applicable laws local (i.e. U.S.) to the grid apply.

  23. It is not feasible for us to keep personal inventory backups , but will provide one in some case upon request, but will do our best to keep the entire grid backed up.

  24. GDPR CREATOR CONSENT: If you create and distribute items in any way, freebies, by selling them, avatar to avatar transfers or via the Hypergrid, you are agreeing that some of your information, IE Avatar Name, for the storage of original creator data, will be stored beyond requests for deletion , this is in compliance with the GDPR clause enabling the system to maintain function as intended.  For more information please see our GDPR policy document and the associated Privacy Policy.

  25. You have agreed to these services by your own will and accept the fact you are bound by them.

  26. NOTE: For transparency, you also should be informed that your Avatar Name and UUID is exchanged between grids and grid users, for things such as , Friendships, Friendship Requests, Instant messages, Profiles, and inventory exchanges, regardless if you actually travel to a foreign grid.

  27. Any legal proceedings that are instigated against Utopia Skye LLC, or its agents must be enacted in the accused's home locale.

  28. The Grid-Operator reserves the right to exclude or ban Citizens which violated these terms. In case of continued non-compliance the Grid-Operator will take further sanctions and legal action.

  29. IF you made it this far you have accepted these terms and are bound by them. Also by logging into the grid or website, you agree to be bound by these terms of service.