Utopia Skye Grid - Pricing and Ordering a Region

The detailied pricing for regions and services is accessible via Utopia Skye Pricing as of November 1st, 2021.

To purchase a region enter a Region Request support ticket and provide the required details to request a new region be turned up on the grid.

You must be registered on the web site and have a verified email address on file as invoicing for the region will be to this address unless you provide different information in the notes section of the ticket.

Supply at a minimum the region name and estate name for the region.  If you own multiple regions they can share a single estate and administration settings.

Once an invoice for the region has been generated and paid via paypal the region will be turned up on the grid and you'll be notified via the ticket that it's available. Invoices are generated monthly and due on delivery.  You'll receive an electronic invoice to the email you provided in the ticket.  

You can provide any additional details in the notes section of the ticket.