Welcome To Utopia Skye!

In 2002, an online community was established consisting of people from all walks of life. Together they collaborated on creative projects and traversed many game environments. The community was named Utopia Skye to symbolize the happiness & limitless abilities of its members. Today, Utopia Skye maintains a presence in several online games, as well as a vibrant community forum. It has a long history of working to publish books with unique member contributions, maintaining an Internet radio station, and being a hub where friends can gather & interact regardless of distance.

MMO Games

Utopia Skye has maintained a presence in many MMORPG games in its time. Click here to see what games we're currently in and if interested, find information on how to join [SKYE] Guild! (Coming Soon)

Utopia Skye Grid

Utopia Skye Grid was founded on the principles of Honor, Community & Communication. We strive to provide as transparent as possible a structure. Your virtual world and dreams are as important to us as ours are. Click here to sign up and get information on joining our grid!

The Golden Touch

The Golden Touch theater was started as a creative troupe that pushes the envelope in honor of art. Art and emotion go hand in hand with beautiful music, stunning sets and expressive choreography. Click here to learn more about us, see our videos & find out how to come see our shows!