HyperGrid access to Utopia Skye Grid

Category: Blog

We have been discussing a change to USG for some time that I feel we're ready to move forward with.   Currently the grid as a whole is open to HG access. There are a few regions that have been restricted to disallow HG visitors.  In the next few weeks we;re going to be flipping this around.  USG will by default be closed to incoming HG access with the exception of a small number of regions.  If you are a region owner you may request that your USG region(s) remain open.  You might want to do this for instance if you maintain a store, etc.   Outbound HG will remain enabled. So USG residents can go out to other HG destinations.   The public regions that will remain HG accessible are: Utopia Skye Welcome, The Adult Hub and The Creator's Guild and CG3.

I'm going to be updating configs to implement this change effective the 7th of August, 2021. This will involve rolling restarts.    If you would like your region to remain HG accessible please enter a ticket in advance of that date and I'll implement the override to allow it.   Note: due to changing IP laws we may in the future implement additional screening of incoming assets.  If and when this is implemented I'll supply more information when the changes are implemented.