Musings on The Golden Touch, Utopia Skye Grid and Community

We started this grid originally with two very specific thoughts. 1. Let's create a place with technology we can control (to a certain extent) to do the best shows we could do and run our endeavors in a better environment than before.  2. Let's bring what the Golden Touch Community has felt for years into a grid that upholds the community mentality formed long ago when Utopia Skye came online in 2002.  I think in many ways we accomplish this today.  Over time there will be more to join us but growth will be organic, not forced.  Mike & I insist on this because we're eager to make our grid the best place we can in Open Sim and to do that we have to continue to be true to ourselves.

Which brings me to a number of thoughts about our roots as well as our present.  Utopia Skye, the community, was formed in 2002 by myself.  It started out of a small game called The Sims Online of which I was a beta tester.  it was my first entrance into online gaming and the wonderful world of virtual.  I felt back then, as I do now, that we have an obligation to each other even virtually.  This should come naturally, organically.. So when people started to come to my "lot" in Alphaville (called Utopia Skye) it was because they all felt some kind of kinship when they spent time with us.  Through their support, love and friendship I've been blessed to meet many people; people I would have never known had I not been online to meet them. Some of these friends are my best friends even though an ocean separates us. 

Over time the folks who were in the original Utopia Skye grew up, grew apart, started living their lives beyond gaming & virtual.  However, I left the website and forums up.  I wanted for them to continue to be a place that you could come and remember or come and join in whatever iteration Utopia Skye found itself in, at the time of any member's return. Many. over the years have trickled back in, but we also have new folks coming frequently too. 17 years after its formation I like to think Utopia Skye is breathing and humming with new vibrant energy that merges wonderfully with the existing foundation, which now includes The Golden Touch.  

Annually the Golden Touch meets to determine its show schedule which includes both stage shows that are spectacular (we're working on our march 30th show called "Que Sera" as we speak!) and our club events where you get to participate with the dancers in some of our previous show numbers. We have also been a long standing charity supporter since our inception in 2013.  Mostly we have supported Relay For Life, a charity near and dear to my heart. But this year we made some changes which bring me to this moment in time, writing to you about our origins.  The Golden Touch has decided as a collective that we will be a charitable organization supporter 100% of the time.  The entire group, made up of people from all walks of life, decided to use their talents to perform in Open Sim on a massive scale and give back to real world charities as well.  I am incredibly humbled to be part of a group that can go beyond the individual and show such generosity to others.  

We also decided to expand our borders with our charity organizations.  To that end, we have decided we will support two charities all year long. This year after 8 different charities were considered we've finalized our voting and determined our organizations will be: 

1. Doctors without Borders Click here to learn about Doctors providing lifesaving medical humanitarian care, and speaking out about what they see globally.

2. Global Animal Rescue Click here to learn about this organization doing all they can for those who cannot speak.

 Mike & I were discussing these just this morning and decided that we too as a grid would also support these charities with events throughout the year at all of our venues including our adult venues.  I encourage any other group or venue to consider doing events for a charity even if not the GT and grid selected ones.  There is no greater boost to spirit than knowing that you've helped another soul; animal or human. In this way we all reclaim our humanity and live in our hearts.  This is what the community of Utopia Skye taught me back in 2002, and what The Golden Touch and indeed Utopia Skye grid, remind me of now with these choices. 

As I always tell Mike before he leaves for work each day: "Do Great Things". I think this group, the grid and the entire community is doing just that. My thanks to you all.