We wanted to write a quick note in regards to the closing of GCG and our position on it. 

Firstly, we are both very sorry for the residents of GCG that have lost their virtual homes.  Having been through our own heartbreak like this with InWorldz, we are heartbroken again for those whose virtual lives have been completely uprooted.  Like InWorldz, GCG appears to be shut down in a way that is hurtful for the residents.  There is a lot of confusion over how people can get backups of their regions, how to contact anyone, or even WHO to contact to get answers from & so on.  There has also been the normal frenzy of other grids attempting to acquire new residents.  We’re truly sorry for the people, the residents who find themselves in this position of confusion & sadness.

For those seeking another home, we have some thoughts on the matter that may provide guidance.  As users, we need to be smart consumers.  We need & SHOULD ask questions about any potential grid we choose & how it is run.  You don’t need to know a lot about the technology behind the grid to understand the need for backups and ways to get data in and out of the grid.  Ask about downtime. How much has the grid experienced and how those are handled?   But most importantly, don't decide about what grid to call home based solely on a charismatic personality.  Its human nature to want to trust & build connections & that's a good thing.  But when deciding where to spend your money, this kind of decision making can be a poor reason to select a grid.  We've seen people excuse all kinds of unprofessional behavior & allow poor business practices to happen because they "trust" the figurehead that's running the grid or the friend that referred them.  And this same reasoning applies to Utopia Skye Grid as well as Calli & Myself. 

We’re not in the business of trolling for new users.  But If people want to settle at USG we'll do our best to take care of them as customers.  Our focus has been a stable foundation that can grow as needed but that is sustainable as it is.  We maintain USG because it gives us a place to remember friends we have lost.  And it’s a place for people who have brought their products from SecondLife to distribute them to the OpenSim community through Utopia Skye.  Also, it’s a place for residents who are building & creating beautiful things that allow them to live in & extend their dreams.  Utopia Skye Grid exists because of the trust people have put in us in the past.  Trust that has been earned in continued uptime, transparent business practices & financial sustainability.  We've tried to reward that trust with a stable, robust service that is reliable & cost-effective. 

Utopia Skye is a small grid. We have received positive feedback in the past about our service and reliability.  We’re rather proud of that. There is, however, an alternative we could recommend if a small grid is not for you. 

  1. DiscoveryGrid - Run by Balpien Hammerer (
  2. Utopia Skye Grid – Run by Mike & Calli (

DiscoveryGrid is also professionally run on professional grade servers with good business practices.  But as I said above ask questions and be a smart consumer. 

If you have friends looking for a new home & are interested in Utopia Skye, Calli or I will try & answer any questions.  Even if folks don't settle with us in grid, they are welcome in our Discord & may find help & advice here.  At the end of the day, with all that’s going on in our worlds both virtual and real, please stay safe & be well.

Mike and Calli

Due to the recent closure of Islandz, we have decided to make our closed beta program an open beta.  This includes beta only special pricing that will be honored for up to one year after we come out of open beta.

Please note that there are limited spots available and it is first come first serve.  If you find you are interested or know of someone you think might be interested; please join our discord server  or have them join the server ( and message me directly.  I am Calliope Andel in our discord server as well.

We have always been about helping others and want to continue that tradition to help our friends who have lost their virtual homes.



We started this grid originally with two very specific thoughts. 1. Let's create a place with technology we can control (to a certain extent) to do the best shows we could do and run our endeavors in a better environment than before.  2. Let's bring what the Golden Touch Community has felt for years into a grid that upholds the community mentality formed long ago when Utopia Skye came online in 2002.  I think in many ways we accomplish this today.  Over time there will be more to join us but growth will be organic, not forced.  Mike & I insist on this because we're eager to make our grid the best place we can in Open Sim and to do that we have to continue to be true to ourselves.

Which brings me to a number of thoughts about our roots as well as our present.  Utopia Skye, the community, was formed in 2002 by myself.  It started out of a small game called The Sims Online of which I was a beta tester.  it was my first entrance into online gaming and the wonderful world of virtual.  I felt back then, as I do now, that we have an obligation to each other even virtually.  This should come naturally, organically.. So when people started to come to my "lot" in Alphaville (called Utopia Skye) it was because they all felt some kind of kinship when they spent time with us.  Through their support, love and friendship I've been blessed to meet many people; people I would have never known had I not been online to meet them. Some of these friends are my best friends even though an ocean separates us. 

Over time the folks who were in the original Utopia Skye grew up, grew apart, started living their lives beyond gaming & virtual.  However, I left the website and forums up.  I wanted for them to continue to be a place that you could come and remember or come and join in whatever iteration Utopia Skye found itself in, at the time of any member's return. Many. over the years have trickled back in, but we also have new folks coming frequently too. 17 years after its formation I like to think Utopia Skye is breathing and humming with new vibrant energy that merges wonderfully with the existing foundation, which now includes The Golden Touch.  

Annually the Golden Touch meets to determine its show schedule which includes both stage shows that are spectacular (we're working on our march 30th show called "Que Sera" as we speak!) and our club events where you get to participate with the dancers in some of our previous show numbers. We have also been a long standing charity supporter since our inception in 2013.  Mostly we have supported Relay For Life, a charity near and dear to my heart. But this year we made some changes which bring me to this moment in time, writing to you about our origins.  The Golden Touch has decided as a collective that we will be a charitable organization supporter 100% of the time.  The entire group, made up of people from all walks of life, decided to use their talents to perform in Open Sim on a massive scale and give back to real world charities as well.  I am incredibly humbled to be part of a group that can go beyond the individual and show such generosity to others.  

We also decided to expand our borders with our charity organizations.  To that end, we have decided we will support two charities all year long. This year after 8 different charities were considered we've finalized our voting and determined our organizations will be: 

1. Doctors without Borders Click here to learn about Doctors providing lifesaving medical humanitarian care, and speaking out about what they see globally.

2. Global Animal Rescue Click here to learn about this organization doing all they can for those who cannot speak.

 Mike & I were discussing these just this morning and decided that we too as a grid would also support these charities with events throughout the year at all of our venues including our adult venues.  I encourage any other group or venue to consider doing events for a charity even if not the GT and grid selected ones.  There is no greater boost to spirit than knowing that you've helped another soul; animal or human. In this way we all reclaim our humanity and live in our hearts.  This is what the community of Utopia Skye taught me back in 2002, and what The Golden Touch and indeed Utopia Skye grid, remind me of now with these choices. 

As I always tell Mike before he leaves for work each day: "Do Great Things". I think this group, the grid and the entire community is doing just that. My thanks to you all.

Today we are celebrating Christmas, the time of year where everything is supposed to be warm & bright.  Where everyone’s happy, and somehow, we all find time to reach out to touch one another.  I’ve found over the years that this is less and less true. I’ve been dismayed to find that Christmas has become a commercial place full of brightness that burns like the fluorescent lights of a warehouse.  That the smiles on faces are plastic remnants of smiles they might have been long ago.  That the hugs and love we feel, see, give to one another never quite reach our hearts.  I find there has been loss, there are still struggles, there are continuing pains. I find many sitting alone wondering where their next meal is coming from or if they’ll survive another day, week, month.  And I wonder how we can find a place of joy amidst all the sorrow.

Where am I going with this?

Who we are online mimics our experiences offline. It mirrors the elements of our very real-life selves and the world we come from. It shapes how we act, whether we hide online, or come out and be loud. It’s a compartmentalized place that somehow has unlimited potential to let us be our best selves no matter what that best self looks to be.  It’s a place that for some can bring back the memories of old.  The happiness once felt.  It can heal.  It can bring about an abundance of joy.  It lets us try new things without fear. But we must get past the negative things that mirror our real-life that limit us. 

We must reach out to others, even though a great number of people do not reach out in real life. We must create joy even if we don’t feel it in real life, so we can share it.  Because in doing so we open our hearts.  And then, THEN the magic happens.  Then you reverse the mirror. And what you feel online begins to mirror itself in your real world.  Then you find maybe you reach out a hand to help another or a smile not only sits on your face but reaches your eyes.  Then you find maybe you CAN try something in real life or at least be willing to investigate it. Then in building a creation other people can share in, you begin to realize there are things you can build in your real world to manifest joy, even in your own heart.

Nothing is perfect in virtual, the same as it is not perfect in the real world; and NEITHER place is a cure all.  But maybe if we all try to pay attention to each other virtually we might just find a connection that moves us; or a person who makes us smile, or a group who can help us, or a club that we find comfort in.

For us Christmas has always been a time of connection.  To connect with family, see friends of old, make new friends, find new loves, and a time to even connect with ourselves. Personally, for me, it is a time to connect with my heart; that place that I used to live in so long ago. 

So, this Christmas I find myself in this reflective place.  We don’t have a tree up in our house, no garland strung merrily, not even a wreath to adorn our door.  But Mike & I have found a space of peace and comfort with each other. And we do this online as well as offline.  We have a lovely tree created by such creative people online.  We have candles flickering on our mantle.  We have friends we can say hi to when we log in.  We have people we make friends with, who join us from time to time. 

We have connection.  We have community.  We have a grid of people who believe in this enough to be part of it.  So, this is our Christmas & it is warm and full.  We celebrate this with you all, because without this, without YOU, Christmas is just a number.

Warmest wishes for joy, community & love; from our grid to your home.

Mike & Calli & all of us at Utopia Skye Grid


Utopia Skye Grid; Where Creativity & Friendship know no limits.

Over the past few years with regard to virtual worlds I've found myself in a number of discussions regarding which platform is more "stable" or "secure".    I did find myself in a position to make some comparisons when we were deciding what software to use when setting up Utopia Skye Grid.  I was of course very familiar with Halcyon, having made a number of substantive contributions to it over the past few years.   There was OpenSim as well and it had progressed since Halcyon was forked.  It too deserved a look.

As many are probably aware, Utopia Skye Grid is running OpenSim 0.9.  So the fact that we arrived at this being the best platform to move forward with should tell you something.  But I'd like to expose my thought process in getting there since there has been alot of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) and misinformation regarding both security and stability with both platforms.  I will say there's no out of the box production ready solution and settling on OpenSim for our grid brings with it a pile of tasks I'll undertake to get things to the point I feel they need to be to really be "stable" and "secure".   We're in Beta now in part for that reason.  But this is the path we're on and I feel it's the right decision.

I had 2 key requirements when looking at technology for Utopia Skye.  1) the environment had to be verifiable and testable in a way that I could quickly tell if there was a regression when making changes.  The coding on USG is largely going to be me so I need to know if I broke something fairly quickly.  And 2) We need an audience.  There has to be a way to bring people into the environment, either as residents or via a linking mechanism like the HyperGrid.

Regarding code quality experience has certainly shown that the quality of the code in Halcyon has dropped over the past few years.  There were a number of unresolved issues with asset fetching that plauged InWorldz for at least a year or more prior to it's shutdown.  Also teleport and crossing issues.  And many will remember regressions with sit targets being lost because software was deployed without, IMO, adequate testing.   Related to that if you look at the unit test cases in both the OpenSim and Halcyon you get a pretty telling story.  In Halcyon there are roughly 60 unit tests for the entire platform and of those about half failed at last examination.  Of those tests the recent ones added were introduced by myself or Tranq/David when he was active with the project.  Contrast that with OpenSim DEV.  There are over 600 tests all of which run and pass that provide test coverage over most of the existing codebase.  I'm able to run this test suite after every compile and verify if there has been a regression in the code with a change I have introduced.  This is in fact my current test and release procedure.  It's not perfect either but there is a night and day difference with the level of support and reliability that you get from the test suite in OpenSim vs. what is available in Halcyon.

I alluded to this next point above.  Regarding quality and testing many experienced the impact of that with regard to Halcyon on InWorldz.  This next point isn't related to technical quality (though you could say that one technical problem; the asset fetch times; improved when all the data was lost) but ultimately it's hard to describe a platform as secure or stable when it can simply go away and take all of the residents data and financial investments with it.  This is in part due to the closed nature of the grid and since it was often argued that made things more secure I think it's valid to discuss it and indicate it was in fact a reason I took the decision I did away from Halcyon and towards OpenSim.  On a Hypergrid connected grid, if the grid owner indicates they will shut down you have a way to potentially move and save some data.  On a Hypergrid connected grid that isn't running its own valueless currency the tokens I have can still have value if they are hosted on a service that's useable across more than one grid (Gloebits for example).  In short the lack of lock in with OpenSim on the Hypergrid is itself a benefit and a factor in how secure and stable the overall solution is.  Everyone that lost what we invested years building in InWorldz is painfully aware of the truth of that.

Secondly we needed an audience for our GT shows.  A closed grid meant we'd need to build up all local residents for the shows.  And while I think what we're trying to do with USG is compelling enough it's VERY difficult to bootstrap a closed grid at this point.  We don't have the benefit of reusing most of the data from all the work we did for Golden Touch for InWorldz.  That data is gone with the grid it was hosted on (and IMO the attempts to bootstrap Islandz with content from OAR's from IW is not only technically unfeasible it's certainly unethical and violates the contract terms of InWorldz own TOS).  The data simply doesn't belong to Islandz.  It belongs to the content creators and users, all of which lost it when InWorldz "went away".   There has been some discussion about doing a "more secure Hypergrid around Halcyon". This is mostly hearsay on my part because for a number of reasons I'm unable to participate in the discussions that take place around Halcyon and Islandz or to represent my own work on it.  But I can say with absolute certainty all the Hypergrid support that was in Halcyon was ripped out some time ago.   So you'd need to implement such support from scratch.  IMO there isn't sufficient development talent or resources being applied to Halcyon to pull off a project like that.  So because I had a clear requirement for Hypergrid access in order to get people into the grid for our Golden Touch shows as well as participate in our community Halcyon was clearly a non-starter.

Halcyon due to simple lack of technical attention and care and feeding has fallen behind.  That will sound shocking to some.  I think you can trace some of that to a few key contributors backing away from the project, most specifically Tranq who really provided the direction and cohesive glue that kept the project moving in a positive direction. There was truly some innovative work done over the years he provided leadership.  Unfortunately there was also a fair bit of code rot, improper implementation and breakage introduced after he "left".   My own contributions largely tailed off during this period in large part due to frustration with how the project was being maintained and simply feeling like testing was being done at the expense of the residents in IW.  We all experienced the many ways that Halcyon for IW was broken and attempts to address those things via technology changes were often done against the advice and feedback of a number of senior contributors and even Tranq himself.  It does beg the question, why not go back and fork it from the place where Tranq/David stopped contributing.  This is possible but doesn't address my comments about the need for functional Hypergrid access in order to provide a way into the environment.  IMO Halcyon is most valuable as a repository and proof of concept of some key technolgies developed over its life.  As a platform for hosting a virtual world it fails on a number of points that I've discussed above. For that reason I rejected it.

So, OpenSim.  There are issues with memory leaks and occasional lock ups.  Its a big, complex piece of software.  In some cases overly complex.   Some of the problem spots are things that we fixed over time in Halcyon and so there is a blueprint for how to do it here as well.  That supports I think my statement that Halcyon as a technology repository still has value.  And there are some specific changes we did (handling async http, Mesh land impact, Phlox for scripting) that could and should be ported over to add value to OpenSim.    There has been a similar argument to Halcyon that there are destabilizing changes in 0.9, and work should be done from a 0.8.x tree to move OpenSim forward.  I think that there is some truth that some of the work that went into 0.9 has problems but in my opinion the overal quality and stability of 0.9 is good. Enough so that moving forward with it and fixing the issues is the appropriate approach.  There is the open question of how healthy the actual OpenSim project and governance model is as well. I believe that needs some attention but that is a topic for another post in the future.

I hope you've found this interesting.  My goal with Utopia Skye Grid is to provide a platform for us to continue to do our Golden Touch dance shows, build up the community of creators via the Creators Guild and generally create a community around our use of OpenSim that builds each other up and supports our work.  In line with that we'll improve OpenSim and make contributions available as I can so that we ultimately end up with the most stable, secure virtual world platform we possibly can.  I welcome you to join us in that effort.